Establishing relationships is natural for India, we work on mutual economic development: Rajnath Singh


New Delhi: India does not believe in a world order where few are superior to others, Defense Secretary Rajnath Singh said on Thursday, noting that building ties comes naturally to India as we work towards mutual economic development.

At the convocation ceremony at the National Defense College here, Singh called for a concerted effort by the international community to counter “serious” security threats such as cyberattacks and information warfare.

He claimed that terrorism, which generally falls under internal security, is now relegated to the external security category because the training, funding, and arms support of such organizations comes from outside the country.

The vulnerability of critical infrastructure to cyberattacks is a major concern, Singh said, with sectors such as energy, transport, public services, telecom, critical manufacturing industries and interconnected financial systems vulnerable to such threats.

The Secretary of Defense believes information warfare has the potential to threaten a country’s political stability.

“The use of information warfare has been most evident in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Throughout the conflict, social media has served as a battleground for both sides to disseminate competing narratives about the war and to present the conflict on their own terms,” ​​the defense secretary said.

Singh described national security as the Modi government’s top priority, stressing that the country’s full potential can only be realized if its interests are protected.

The minister said that the Russia-Ukraine conflict has fueled an energy crisis in the world.

“In Europe, the supply of oil and gas is dwindling. India is also affected as the war between Russia and Ukraine disrupted international energy supplies and made energy imports significantly more expensive,” he said.

Singh said Russia and Ukraine together export almost a third of the world’s wheat and barley. But this conflict has prevented the grain from leaving the “breadbasket of the world” and has led to food crises in several African and Asian countries,” the minister added.

The defense minister said India believes in multi-directional policies, realized through various multi-stakeholder engagements, so that everyone’s concerns can be addressed for a prosperous future.

Singh said a strong and prosperous India would not be built at the expense of others. “Rather, India is here to help other nations realize their full potential.” Singh said that if security becomes a truly collective enterprise, “we can think about creating a global order that will benefit us all.” .

When we work with a nation, it is on the basis of sovereign equality and mutual respect, he said, and forging relationships comes naturally to India as we work towards shared economic development.

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