European Parliament calls Hungary an ‘electoral autocracy’


Strasbourg, France: Hungary can no longer be called a fully functioning democracy, as members of the European Parliament on Thursday denounced the country as an “electoral autocracy”.

As Euro News reports, the country should be considered a “hybrid regime of electoral autocracy”, in which elections are held regularly, but without respecting basic democratic norms.

“There is a growing consensus among experts that Hungary is no longer a democracy,” the lawmakers said, citing a series of events that have undermined Hungary’s position in recent years.

According to the report, the legislator raised concerns about a long list of fundamental rights including the electoral system, independence of the judiciary, privacy, freedom of expression, media pluralism, academic freedom, LGBTIQ rights and protections. minorities and asylum seekers.

The interim report stated that Parliament “deeply regrets that the lack of decisive EU action has contributed to the breakdown of democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights in Hungary, turning the country into a hybrid regime of electoral autocracy.” Have given.”

The text passed on Thursday by a wide margin: 433 votes in favour, 123 against and 28 abstained.

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