Everyone should make every possible contribution in the development of society: Rajkumar Raj Srivastava

new Delhi: The growing youth population can achieve anything if proper guidance and leadership is provided. Prince Srivastava, one of the successful youth icons in the real estate and construction business, shares his vision to transform the lives of many through this article. The production of his schemes is large scale and development oriented.

“Learn the art of giving more and more. Charity is portrayed in different ways, and I believe that everyone should contribute in every possible way to the development of their society. It gives you the platform to move on and makes it your duty to return the favor. We should not call it charity but a duty to embrace it with an open mind and an open heart…” says Prince, Managing Director, Ekta Contec. He accepts that the over-exploitation of nature and the people of the lower strata bind him with a new approach to follow. Seeing people working for generations and still struggling to build homes [a basic need] For themselves, their children, following the same path and ending up in the same vicious circle, understood them to be the real cause of the problem.

The 29-year-old Prince started connecting himself with the lives of such people. When it comes to building a house or investing in real estate, they started focusing on the thought process of the middle class or lower class people. Many of them were unaware of the subject, some of them were skeptical about the process, and some were open to change but directionless. Talking to people helped Prince find solutions for long-term change.

This was not the first time that his family members propagated their belief of bringing out the best in the society in every possible way. Reena Srivastava, her mother and co-founder is selflessly running a school for the underprivileged children for the past 15 years. His nursery school admits 4-5 students every year to ensure their required education. Understanding the value of education and then making sure to work for it is an important contribution of any individual. His upbringing shaped Prince to work equally in this field. He ensures that people are unaware of financial education or any investment policy but trying to get guidance.

Not only this, Dr. Aastha Baul Srivastava, his wife, helps students who are lacking in education funds or resources to create something important for their lives. The family has been working as a team for many years to provide people what they need to make a better life irrespective of gender, age, caste or religion. So many years of complicated little steps can make a big difference.

“It seems as if nature is crying out for help as people are going to bed hungry. Rising poverty, exploitation and unemployment nudge me to sleep. Sometimes, the motivation is just the fear of not doing anything about them, about over-exploiting nature, or about people lacking the privilege of having a roof. I can’t make peace with it..” says Prince on staying on the ground and constantly increasing the real estate.

The ongoing plans explained by the MD highlight the need for green buildings. Its growth has been observed globally for the past few years, and it can be a way to steer the society towards positive change. The cost of construction of sustainable buildings is comparatively low, which makes it affordable for the middle class people. The company does not want any profit in the initial years of this project, and the profit generated will be used to create balance in the society. Firstly, it will bridge the gap between people belonging to different sections of the society. Secondly, people will connect with their environment due to more greenery and healthy living. The economic and ecological balance will further facilitate the implementation of plans. A significant part of the plan stipulates that 10% of the total profit would be invested in building permanent homes for the lower class people who could not afford it even after working days in and out.

Prince began his journey with a career in law and then invested his knowledge of the world’s nostalgia in real estate. Undoubtedly, there is much to be learned from their experience. Entering a new field was not an easy task but his persistence, effort and determination made him stick to his beliefs. He still studies the market daily to understand the trends and downsides. The mindset of a lawyer, a businessman, and a dedicated human being speaks of his motive “The goal is to grow together… Providing the best products at an affordable rate… Profit is secondary. I want people to stand up for themselves.” I want people to be part of the revolution… As soon as it happens, people will have money for other investments. Taxes paid by them will contribute to the collective growth of capital. We have better educational institutions, hospitals And all other essential public services can be there. The vision is a world of equal opportunity for all.”

The best part of trusting leaders like Prince is their empathy. Empathy can never make people yearn for the roads between the mountains, but sympathy can. This is a quality that every individual needs to develop to bring out the best in himself. As long as people understand the true essence of living life for others, their time is up. The country needs leaders who show the same spirit as the prince to enhance the skills of the youth. Human resource of this country is an asset if directed properly.

“You do things differently when you look at it from a broader perspective. For example, a company may stop caring much about a low-quality product once it becomes popular in the market, but when I When I think of selling a house, my instincts turn to the fact that my children are growing up in this place. I, as a parent, do not risk their future by not taking care of my product today can,” says Prince on the constantly changing approach to quality checks. He also talked about the importance of healthy competition that can drive collective development. His ideologies reflect the view that each individual must commit to himself. There are no shortcuts, no matter how hard one tries. His advice to readers- “The best way to be a visionary is to see where your ideas can take life at the community level and if you think it’s a can make a significant positive difference, so start building your skill set today. It may take a few years to reflect but trust the process and be honest with your work.”

First published:March 10, 2022, 9:07 pm

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