Famous psychic warns Putin to use brain power to stop Nukes


New Delhi: “This is a warning to Vladimir Putin,” said Uri Geller, “There are rumors and reports that you are seriously considering the strategic use of nuclear strikes against your enemies in the West.”

He continued, “I have also heard that your potential targets include naval bases in the UK – particularly on the west coast of Scotland. So I am issuing this statement as a solemn warning to you: if you are nuclear resort to the use of weapons and decide to target Scotland – or any other country in the world – your plans, and your missiles, will backfire on you!”

Israeli-British illusionist, magician, TV personality and self-styled psychic Uri Geller. He is known for his patented spoon-bending tricks and other television acts. Geller mimics the phenomena of telepathy and psychokinesis using conjuring techniques.

Over the course of more than four decades, Geller has worked as a performer, appearing on television and on stage around the world. Magicians have dubbed Geller a fake because of his claim that he actually has psychic abilities.

Geller threatened Putin, saying, “I will use every last molecule of my mind power to stop you from carrying out a nuclear attack! And I’m calling on all the wonderful, peace-loving people around the world to join me.”

“The gold shield in the sky will deflect nuclear weapons…”

He further made an appeal to the people of the world. He said, “Please stop what you’re doing right now – and take just five seconds out of your day to imagine a bright, energetic force field – like a shiny, golden shield in the sky – that could kill any nuclear weapon.” Will deflect and return what Putin tries to deploy!”

“They are watching and waiting…”

He sent a specific message to Vladimir Putin, referring to foreign interference, saying, “And to you, Putin, I say this: to harness this enormous energy of all our combined brainpower, as well as forces far greater than this.” You are far away, you can imagine. I believe they will intervene to stop you from starting a nuclear war. They are watching and waiting, and they will stop you.”

He asked Putin to heed his words. “Don’t think about this serious action. PLEASE NOTE: If you move it is Russia, and its people, who will suffer the most. Your mission control computer will crash, your navigation system will fail and your missiles will fail! you have been warned.”


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