Fined Rs 60,000, Dalit family replaces Hindu deities with Ambedkar


New Delhi: A Dalit family accused of Rs 60,000 for touching Hindu idols in a temple has replaced all the deities with BR Ambedkar’s picture frames in their house. They even erected a Buddha statue after removing the idols of all the Hindu deities.

This happened after a Dalit boy touched the idol of Sidiranna, a prominent South Indian village deity.

A Bhootayamma fair was organized in Ullerahalli village in Karnataka’s Kolar district where Dalits were not allowed. However, Shoba and Ramesh’s 15-year-old son touched a pole next to Sidiranna’s idol.

The incident was witnessed by Venkateshappa, who later informed the village and alleged that the code of conduct had been violated. This offended the entire village, who later decided to fine the Schedule Caste family a thousand rupees.

The Dalit family was also warned that they would be ostracized for not paying the fine.

After that, the deceased family took down every picture frame from the walls and removed the statues of Hindu deities.

In a video shared by an activist named Suraj Kumar Bauddh, the family can be seen replacing the frames with BR Ambedkar’s frames.

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