FIVE reasons why Jaspreet Singh’s stand up special ‘Koi Load Nahi’ is a must-watch


New Delhi: When life gives you lemons and that too during summers, make chilled lemonades and keep laughing. And, if you are looking for some unadulterated humour to make things more amusing, then Amazon Prime Video has the perfect stand-up act streaming for you, courtesy Jaspreet Singh. 

The Stand-up special titled ‘Koi Load Nahi’ is what you need to keep the humour intact in your lives amid all the stress. Conceptualised and written by Jaspreet himself, the trailer of this one-hour-long fun marathon says why this special is for those who have been keen on watching something new, fresh and entertaining on OTT. 

Here are the FIVE reasons why Jaspreet Singh’s debut stand up special ‘Koi Load Nahi’ is one hell of a fun ride that should not be missed:

Relatable topics

Taking a cue from real-life incidents, Jaspreet beautifully finds the right humour in the daily and mundane. Be it the ever-growing motivation market, godmen, serious parenting to the ‘tough’ bouncers like his doorbell, the salad he made and the absurdity of being a teenager, his takes on each of these topics make us see things around us in an all-new light. After all, it’s important to take certain things less seriously to live life to the fullest.

Signature expression and casual humour

Given his seven successful years of comedy, Jaspreet knows how to keep things casual and real. His expressions, acting skills, grins are on point, so are his hand actions when trying to explain something. Onstage or on-screen, Jaspreet is a fireball of surprises. You never know what his next joke is going to be.

Jaspreet knows his audience

For any comedian, audience engagement is key. Jaspreet too knows his craft well and cracks jokes that everyone connects with easily. His gestures and simple humour do make the audience laugh louder and clap even harder. His viewer involvement skill is praiseworthy. Watch the show and you would know.


Before you think his jokes are preachy, let’s put it straight. Jaspreet’s brand of comedy is a take on the true stories and thoughts of his life. So, when it’s personal, you know this is pure. He wonderfully puts the garb of comedy on issues involving equality, parenting, friendship, youth, among others. So even after you have laughed to your heart’s content, you know what he said needs your serious attention too.

Honest, yet chilled out

That Jaspreet sees the fun side to life is inevitable. What sets him apart is the chill vibes he gives out while making his audience comfortable. The honesty with which he cracks jokes on real-life issues is yet another aspect that makes him special. While watching him perform, you are relaxed and feel like you are listening to that one funny friend we all have, that is the friend who knows how to make you smile and be comfortable every single time. 

Watch the trailer here:

first published:March 30, 2022, 11:45 a.m.


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