Follow THESE steps to prevent helmet hair loss


For safety reasons, wearing a helmet when driving a two-wheeled vehicle is mandatory for every person. Failure to do so could result in your vehicle’s challan being deducted. According to people who ride bikes, it also causes them many problems, one of the biggest problems of which is related to hair. Wearing a helmet not only spoils the hairstyle, but also causes the problem of rapid hair breakage, and wearing a helmet for a long time every day can exacerbate this problem. So today we are going to tell you how to avoid this problem.

Can be a victim of balding

Wearing a helmet for a long time can put your hair at risk because wearing a helmet all the time doesn’t dry head sweat properly and bacteria start to grow causing your hair to become weak and break. Due to such a problem for a long time, you can also go bald. You must follow some of the tips listed here to avoid this loss.

  • The helmet should be worn after daily cleaning as the foam in its inner layer gets wet with sweat where fungus can grow.
  • After removing the helmet, keep it in a clean and ventilated place so that the sweat contained in it dries properly.
  • On long journeys, you should take off your helmet by pausing briefly to allow both your hair and the helmet to dry.
  • Wrapping the head in a cotton cloth before wearing a helmet proves to be very effective and significantly reduces the risk of hair loss.
  • There are also many types of forehead caps on the market that can be used. However, it is necessary to wash them daily.

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