Fond of sweets? Make rabdi royal piece…

Recipe of Shahi Tukada: Everyone likes to eat sweets, but if you find something else in sweets, then what’s the point. People are often lazy and eat sweets made in the market, which are very dangerous to health.

That is why today we have come to you with a very simple recipe, the preparation of which does not take much time, it also gives you taste and does not harm your health.

Yes, we are talking about the delicious ‘Shahi Tukde’ made of bread, which is a delicious dessert made with little effort. So today we are going to share your recipe which is very simple.


To make Shahi Tukda at home, you need white bread, dezighi or olive oil, sugar and water, and cardamom for flavoring. Make rabdi with milk, sugar and dried fruits as well.

How to make Shahi Tukda

To make Shahi Tukda, first take out the white bread and cut off the edges. After that, cut the bread into triangles or squares, then cut a loaf into 2 or 4 parts.

After that, heat ghee in a pan and fry the bread well. Then pour water and sugar into a saucepan and prepare the syrup. (For this you need to make a thin syrup) After the syrup is ready, we mix cardamom powder in it.

Then boil the milk, sugar-free and saffron in a pan. Add small raisins and cashews. As soon as you feel that the milk has turned curdled, turn off the gas and let it cool.

Then put all the royal pieces in sugar syrup and take them out on a plate. After that, spread a little rabdi on the pieces of bread dipped in sugar syrup, then let them cool. After that, you can serve it with dried fruits.

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