Funny incident happen on IndiGo flight, passenger a….


Viral video: After the debates in the air, this incident finally brought a smile to everyone’s face. In this video, a passenger on an IndiGo Airline flight is seen asking the flight attendant to open the flight window so that he can spit out his gutka.

“Sorry, khidki khol dijiye, gutka thukna hai,” the passenger cracked this joke. Hearing this, the flight attendant burst out laughing, and the passengers around him joined in as well.

This passenger is identified as Govind Sharma, a content creator from Indore. While sharing the video, Govind wrote, “tag your gutka loving friend”. The content creator has 3,750 followers on Instagram and this is the only video on his page that has gone viral on social media.

Netizens’ reaction

The video received amazing comments, with one user writing, “Kanpur flights updated this feature.” Another user wrote: “Gutka counts.”

Another related case:

This comes in the wake of a recent incident in which Karnataka BJP MP Tejasvi Surya claimed to have accidentally opened the emergency exit door of an IndiGo flight, but later apologized for his actions.

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