‘G20 under India’s Presidency has set new milestones’: An…


New Delhi: Addressing a press conference on the conclusion, Union Minister for Youth and Sports Anurag Singh Thakur said that the G20 under India’s chairmanship had set new milestones. He said that the discussions and deliberations were going on successfully and India’s rich art, culture and heritage also left a lasting impression on the delegates from all over the world. He also said that around 103 delegates attending the Y20 pre-summit in Leh are impressed by the monasteries, Sangam and Leh landscape and want to return to Ladakh again.

He also said that despite many people saying that the pre-summit should not be held in Leh and creating confusion in this regard, the Y20 pre-summit was successfully concluded.

He also informed that as a result of the Pre Summit in Leh, a consensus was formed among the participating countries and international organizations regarding the five themes of the Y20 summit. He also informed that important proposals have been received regarding the challenges of the future, including retraining and further training. |

The meeting focused on the five Y20 themes of the Common Future: Youth in Democracy and Governance; The future of work: Industry 4.0, innovation and 21st century skills; Climate change and disaster risk reduction: making sustainability a way of life; Peacebuilding and Reconciliation: An Introduction to an Era Without War, Health, Wellbeing and Sport: An Agenda for Young People.

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