Get 65,000 55 inch Smart TV for Rs 15,000!


New Delhi: If you’re looking to buy a new Smart TV, this is probably the best option for you. In fact, a special sale called End of Season has been removed from Flipkart. In this cell, there is a 50-inch QLED TV purchase offer with a huge discount. In such a situation, if the budget is tight, you can buy a smart TV with a large display on the cheap. Let’s look at it in detail..

Buy 55 inch Vu GloLED TV for Rs 15,000

Vu GloLED TV 55 inch smart TV can be bought cheaply. It retails at Rs 65,000. Which can be bought for Rs 37,999 after a 41 percent discount. They will give you an exchange offer of Rs 20,900 to buy it. After that, the price of the TV will remain at Rs 17,099. The same bank offer will get 10 percent off up to Rs 3,000. In this case, the price of the smart TV will remain at Rs 14,099.

Blaupunkt 50 inch QLED TV

The Blaupunkt 50-inch QLED TV retails at Rs 49,999. However, this smart TV has been made available at a discount of 28 percent at Rs 35,999 on e-commerce platform flipkart. They are giving an exchange offer of Rs 11,000 to buy the TV. If you avail the full trade-in offer, the Blaupunkt 50-inch QLED Smart TV will come down to Rs 24,999.

Blaupunkt 50 inch QLED TV Specifications

The Blaupunkt 50-inch QLED TV Smart TV runs on the Android operating system. Built-in Chromecast is available in it. Image resolution Ultra HD (4K). The image resolution is also 3840 x 2160 pixels. The same audio output is 60W. While the screen refresh rate is 60Hz. OTT apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video are available on the TV.

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