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Today’s horoscope, December 3, 2022: The date is December 3, the day is Saturday (Shaniwar Ka Rashifal). The movement of the planets, which have positive and negative effects on our lives, creates auspicious and inauspicious hours in astrology. This indicates whether today is good, normal or bad for you.

Astrologer Deepa Sharma discusses all 12 zodiac signs based on moon sign and today’s horoscope (Rashifal). By following the suggestions given, you can make the day memorable.

The horoscope contains 12 zodiac signs, and each person’s zodiac sign is unique. If you know your zodiac sign, read this post to find out how your day is going today.


Spirituality is becoming more and more popular these days. Worship, recitation and religious works occupy the mind. Misunderstandings and frequent disagreements can depress the family atmosphere. Due to this situation, you can become tense. Today you may have differences with your co-workers and may also have differences with your elders. You may have to travel out of town for work.

The lucky number is nine and the lucky color is yellow.


Don’t meddle in someone else’s business now. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting stuck. Today, your interest in new works increases, and as a result, you learn something new. Today’s financial situation will be stronger than it was before. The family atmosphere remains. Drive carefully.

Lucky number – 4

Lucky color – Saffron


Be careful today when making financial transactions or investing capital. Carry out all transactions carefully. The stars are not in your favor today. Maintain a positive attitude. You may find physical happiness, but not spiritual fulfillment, because distractions of the mind can cause dissatisfaction everywhere today.

Lucky number – 1

Lucky color – green


Today you need to communicate effectively with others. You can also gain popularity. Your business income will increase and the officers will fully cooperate with you. You will have a special bond with your siblings today. I spend the day with him. Plus, it’s going to be a fun day. Your mind will be satisfied too.

Lucky number -8

Lucky color – blue


Your stars will shine bright. Today can bring you good news. Students born under this sign may consider making changes in their studies that will benefit their future. The office environment may be different, which may bother you. I will be attractive to my partner today.

Lucky number – 3

Lucky color – white


Your dream of buying real estate is coming true today. Today will be favorable for you. There is a lot to praise at work. By participating in group activities, you can make new friends. A sudden romantic meeting will be memorable. This meeting can also happen with your partner, this day is also good for those who are already married.

lucky number- 7

lucky color- gray


Control both anger and speech today. Matters related to real estate must be handled wisely. Investing in real estate does not bring the desired profit. Dealing effectively with seniors and respecting them will only help you get a job and get promoted. Today you can go out to have fun with your friends. Control your spending.

lucky number- 2

lucky color – pink


Your wishes may come true today. You may have to travel abroad on business. You will have a pleasant trip. There can be a feeling of happiness from the child’s side. You can get responsible work in the office, the completion of which is an advantage. Today will be a better day for students.

lucky number- 6

lucky color – beige


You will remember many important tasks today and you can easily complete all important tasks today. You will achieve success in the exam and competition. It is possible that someone from your past will contact you today and make this day one to remember. Today is a good day for love. It will be part of today’s social work.

lucky number- 5

lucky color – sky blue


Nowadays, there are problems in many areas. Your health may deteriorate and you may become emotionally disturbed. You should try to keep calm. Today, some religious work can be done at home or will be part of religious work.

Lucky number – 3

lucky color – red


Your good time has begun. Today, the family will have full love and cooperation. Today, some of your friends will prove useful. Your work will be appreciated in the office. You will suddenly gain money, and your parents’ health will be better. Take care of women’s health.

Lucky number – 5

Lucky color – Wheat


This will be a day of great development. Whatever work you put your hand to, you will achieve success in that work. Enjoy the benefits Along with this, the day will be filled with fun. Hardworking people today get many benefits based on their hard work. So don’t shy away from hard work. You have to be careful while driving today. You have to be careful even when crossing the road today. There is a chance of an accident. Be very careful.

Lucky number – 8

Lucky Color – Turmeric Yellow

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