Get verified on Facebook: Step-by-step guide


New Delhi: Currently, there is a lot of blue-key craze on the microblogging app Twitter, and this craze is increasingly reaching Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well. Now users want to see blue tick on their account and there is a verification process to get blue tick on any social site. Although the user does not have to pay for this, it is completely free. (Twitter’s new head, Elon Musk, recently started charging for blue ticks, but for various reasons it had to be withdrawn at the moment) I have to understand. Today we will tell you how to get a Blue Ticket, i.e. Blue Badge. Let’s find out.

It’s not easy to get a blue tick on Facebook

As with Twitter, if you want to get a blue tick on Facebook, you must first follow Facebook’s guidelines by reading them. Your profile looks different if you put a blue tick. Although Facebook account verification is not that easy, once verified, your account is considered trustworthy.

How to claim a blue tick on Facebook

To verify your Facebook account, you must fill in correct and complete information in the About section of your profile. Before verifying the FB account, the business user has to fill a form along with some important documents like driving license, passport, income tax, Aadhaar card. If you own or work in any company or organization, you need to have your documents with you.

If you’re a personality like an athlete, you’re a celebrity. So account verification can take 3-6 days and business category profile verification can take 7-45 days.

Sign up like this

  • Open the account settings of your Facebook account.
  • Then go to the top of General Account Settings and click the edit button next to the name.
  • Now select Learn more and select Notify us when the new page opens.
  • Then go to the top of the page and look for How do I verify my account in the search bar.
  • Now click to check profiles and pages.
  • When the new page opens, press the verify button.
  • To apply the blue tick, enter the requested information by filling it in on this page.

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