Girl from USA claims she delivered a baby without pregnancy

New Delhi: Menstruation comes and stops every month during pregnancy. Even weight gain and abdominal bloating are common. However, a bizarre case emerged from the United States. A girl named Kayla Simpson was 9 months pregnant and completely unaware of this fact. She claims she had no signs of pregnancy. He shared his experiences on his social media page. Many people believe this, while many others do not seem convinced with his story.

Kayla Simpson is a student at Indiana University in the US. He claims he was at a party when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his stomach. He felt the severity as he thought his appendix might burst from the intense pain. She was then taken to the emergency room only to be told she was in labor.

She thought she was pregnant, but she was in labor

In a trending two-part Tiktok, he says that I went to the hospital thinking I had an appendix. She screamed in pain and the doctor said it was the baby’s head. Simpson says she had her period every month. Not only that, his weight has also decreased. He couldn’t understand how this happened.

I had a flat stomach for 9 months

Simpson explained that she and the child’s (unnamed) father are raising her together. However, she admitted that she didn’t do anything about birth control when she was pregnant. He also informed me that he had unprotected sex.

She also clarified that she did not have a bump, but that her tummy remained flat during pregnancy. She also claimed to have lost 30 pounds before giving birth to her daughter.

He also said that when he was in the hospital, his mother was also there. He didn’t believe it either. When his mother told his father on the phone, he couldn’t believe it either. She only believed this after seeing the picture of her daughter with the child.

A doctor says this

According to the doctor, a pregnant woman is not menstruating. Although they may have slight bleeding. Bleeding during pregnancy is not necessarily a sign of any problem. If bleeding occurs during pregnancy, you should see a doctor to find out the cause.

Simpson lives happily with his daughter

Simpson’s video has been viewed 16.9 million times. Incidents with Simpson are not unusual, by the way. One in 2,500 women give birth without knowing they are pregnant. If we talk about Simpson’s life, he returned home from the hospital two days after the birth of the child. She is comfortable with her daughter. She is constantly sharing pictures on Instagram.

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