Going to parlour for Bride makeup, Keep these things in mind to prevent infection

You do not need to tell how fast the corona infection is spreading, it is most important at this time to protect yourself, so if you too are going to get married in the middle and appointment is made in Porler, then take special care of these things.


Marriages are also continuing in the Corona epidemic with limited guests. Brides are posting their photos in various types of beautiful veneers and makeup. So, if your marriage is in the meantime and you have got the makeup booked in Parlour, then there is no need to cancel it, just a few things have to be taken care of, so that you can avoid this dangerous infection.

So let’s know about it …

Makeup sponge

Not only at the time of Corona, Normally, there is a risk of skin infection due to sponge makeup of someone else. So take special care of it. The sponge consists of small holes, so that yeast and bacteria accumulate in it very easily. Due to which there is a risk of fungal infections, pimples and many other skin related problems.

Makeup brush

Do not use the brush used on others like a sponge. If you need to pay separately for fresh brush and sponge, then at least the risk of infection will be less.

Kajal and Mascara

If you have good quality mascara and mascara in your makeup kit, carry it while going to the porter because the bacteria on the eyelids are applied in the mascara brush or mascara. This can cause eye problems such as redness, pain in the eyes and swelling in the cornea, etc.

Hair Brush

It is told from childhood that hair brush of others should never be used. There is also a possibility of skin infection. So in the Corona period it becomes necessary to take care of this thing.


Of course, there is more lipstick collection in Parlour than you, but it is better to buy a shade that suits on the lehenga yourself. So that you can avoid infection. Because the same lipstick is used in many brides in makeup, which is very harmful.

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