Google Core Algorithm Update- November 2019 Algorithm Updates


Google Core Algorithm Update- November 2019



Search algorithms is one of the biggest challenges of SEO marketing that are constantly being updated and changed very quickly day by day. These Google Algorithm updates are designed to make search results more useful for people online and to weed out sites that use manipulative methods to boost their search results. However, for website owners, the constant updates in the Google algorithm make it difficult to keep up with the latest SEO best practices. Over the past few years, Google has updated the algorithm for the world’s most popular search engine every month. The November 2019 update was recently rolled out, and SEO experts, as well as website owners, are trying to find how to adapt to the newest changes. In this blog, we let you find out Google Core Algorithm Update November 2019.


Over the past few weeks in November 2019, Google has rolled out several substantial updates to its search algorithm. They added the new BERT system which is designed to help Google make more sense of the natural language that people use in queries. They also added a core update in November that seeks to make search results more relevant.


Google  Core Algorithm Update November 2019: Overview


From the 7th to the 8th of November 2019, many webmasters including Google Webmasters and SEOs report massive changes in search engine rankings.

The changes in the Google Search Algorithm also mainly affect small and medium-sized affiliate websites, primarily in the USA or every location.

The maximum number of affected websites belongs to the travel, food, health and other sectors.

In that month November 2019, Google has confirmed several algorithm updates, but no particular actionable guidance to follow.


Google confirms several updates in November


Meanwhile, Google has commented on the reports of a possible November update via the Twitter channel Google Search Liasion. Google has confirmed that numbers of core algorithms updates were made to the Google Search algorithm during this period. However, Google did emphasize that these changes are made regularly. If Google does not provide specific communication regarding an update, then there is nothing for site owners to pay attention to or repair.



Google has referred to a large number of changes that are constantly being made to its ranking algorithm – they tell that one or more changes are rolled out day by day. Google also states that it is not specific niches or industries that are affected by updates, but certain types of search queries that are answered differently. However, there is likely considerable overlap here and there is, in practical terms, not necessarily always a clear distinction between the two.




This advice is something that all website owners should keep in mind. Rather than chase the latest SEO trends, it’s more to ensure a site has fast speeds, useful links, and well-written content. If your site has suffered a recent decline in traffic and you can’t figure out why you should consider having an SEO expert (or another person) you must have to look at the site to know the issues that may hurt the user experience.


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