Gujarat women dance during ‘Saree Walkathon’ in Surat


Gujrat: Women of Surat, Gujarat participated in ‘Saree Walkathon’ organized by Surat Municipal Corporation and Surat Smart City Development Limited. About 15,000 women registered for the event.

A video shared by ANI shows women dressed in sarees dancing to Gujarati tunes during the ‘Sari Walkathon’. Women from 15 states came to the event. The walkathon started at Athwa Party Plot and ended at Parle Point. After completing the three-kilometer circuit, the participants returned to the starting position.

Talking to ANI’s Shalini Agarwal, Surat Municipal Commissions said, “It is India’s pride that under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, India got the G20 chairmanship. A Sárí Walkathon was held here today. About 15,000 women registered for the event and women came from 15 states.”

The 3 kilometer long ‘Saree Walkathon’ was the first in a series of initiatives for women launched by the Surat administration. The main goal of the event was to promote health and the spirit of the textile city. The ‘Saree Walkathon’ attracted migrant women residents from 15 states of India.

On this occasion, a four-day exhibition is expected to take place in the city, at which sari artisans from all over the country will present themselves.

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