Happy Hypoxia, the new weapon of the changing coronavirus–patient dies without feeling short-of-breath

The oxygen level of the corona infected patient gradually decreases and there is no feeling of breathlessness. This sequence happens so fast that the patient dies before he can understand anything.


Due to corona infection, the levels of oxygen in people have started falling along with cold, fever, cold, sore throat. In this, the patient’s breath starts to swell. He immediately comes to the hospital to be admitted. But, this time the problem of Happy Hypoxia is coming out among the infected. In this, the amount of oxygen in the patient’s blood starts decreasing. 

It is not known because of its immunity and sensitivity. Just feel like fever, fatigue and weakness. The oxygen level of the patient starts decreasing slowly, while he does not even feel a breathlessness. Two cases are enough to explain this….

Case-1: The report of retired teacher of Sharda Nagar came back positive. He started treatment by being isolated at home. He did not face any problem. Three to four days later, one of his relatives got oxygen tested with a pulse oximeter, and Level 88 came out. He was admitted to Halut Hospital.

Case-2: Yashoda Nagar’s 44-year-old youth had corona-like symptoms. He had fever and cold for several days. He started taking the usual medicines, but to no avail. Get RTPCR investigated. The report could not be reached. Suddenly the weakness started, then the family members took him to Hallet Hospital. Oxygen level 85 turned out.

Happy hypoxia does not cause problems

Many infected patients are coming to Halvud’s Covid Hospital with this problem. Such patients have to be placed in HDU and ICU. Nodal officer of Neuro Science Covid Hospital Prof. Prem Singh said that the patients who are positive with Happy Hypoxia do not feel the problem. Their immunity and body capacity are good, due to which the effect of decreasing oxygen is not affected.

Sometimes due to lack of oxygen in the blood, the kidneys, liver, brain and other parts of the body also get affected. This condition is dangerous for the patients of diabetes, heart, kidney, liver.

The amount of carbon dioxide not increasing

Pediatrician and Chest Pathologist Dr. Raj Tilak told that Happy Hypoxia is occurring in corona infected. The amount of oxygen in it is low, but the level of carbon dioxide does not increase. Because of this, the patient does not have tension, confusion, irritability, difficulty in breathing. This usually occurs when the amount of carbon dioxide in the infected is increased. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to check the oxygen level.

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