Happy to be back home, says student who returns from Ukraine as tension mounts

Vadodara (Gujarat): Indian students studying in Ukraine have begun to return as the Russian invasion of Kiev appears imminent.

Aastha Sindha, who came back from Ukraine, said, “I am happy to be back home because my parents were really stressed. I used to study in the western part of Ukraine, which is considered safe till now.”

He said, “The Indian Embassy is very prompt in assisting the students, whether it is through e-mail or call. They had issued advisory thrice to us to leave the country temporarily.”

Aastha’s father, Arvind said, “As parents, we were very concerned for our daughter’s safety. The Indian Embassy and the Ministry of External Affairs helped us reduce the airfares from about Rs 1 lakh to Rs 50,000 and Took advantage of it. Daughter is back home.”

Earlier, the Indian Embassy in Ukraine had asked its citizens, especially students, whose stay is not essential, to temporarily leave amid the ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine.

Tensions over Ukraine have risen in recent months, with Russia and NATO accusing each other of gathering troops along the Russian-Ukrainian border.

The United States and Ukraine accused Russia of planning the invasion. But Moscow has denied such claims and says it has no intention of attacking any country. (ANI)

First published:February 22, 2022, 4:48 pm

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