Heart-wrenching! Young boy spends night with dead bodies of brother, sister; father’s body also found hanging in morning


Lucknow: An incident in Uttar Pradesh’s Pilibhit district has shocked both the police and the general public. There was fear as the bodies of three people from the same family were found in a residence. In addition to two innocent people, their father is also among the dead. This terrible news spread like wildfire in the area early in the morning.

First he killed children and then hanged himself

This incident is from Pilibhit Diuria district where the strange death of Ram and his two children from Rambhojha village made headlines. The body of father Ram was discovered hanging in the residence, while the bodies of his son Nihal (11) and daughter Shalini (15) were found lying on the floor in another room. The death of three members of the same family shocked everyone. The cops were quickly called. The police sent all three bodies for autopsy.

His younger son spent the night with corpses

The most gruesome feature of this case is that Balak Ram’s youngest child slept in the same room with his brother’s lifeless body all night. He hurried into the other room where his father was sleeping when he woke up in the morning to find his brother dead. The father was swinging from the gallows in the pantry. The innocent then began to shout, and the people from the neighborhood arrived. The police were then called, and the whole situation is being investigated.

The family lived on a farm outside the village

The Ram family built their home on a farm outside the village, not within the settlement, which is an unusual part of this case. There are no other apartments in the area. The police are investigating. The mystery surrounding the three victims is expected to be solved soon.

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