New Delhi: The Meteorological Department believes that the weather will be colder this year than last year. Therefore, if you are thinking about buying a room heater to prevent the cold, here we will tell you about a room heater that works without electricity. This room heater does not consume even 1 rupee of electricity to heat the room. It also heats up to room temperature as needed. Let’s get to know this room heater.

Efficient room heating

Grelife 1500W PTC

the heating works without electricity, this heating element is charged with solar energy and heats the room in winter. You get three turns in this heater. It can be used in High-1500w Low-1000w and Eco mode. Along with this, there is a unique warm and silent heat in this solar collector.

Intelligent ECO mode: In the Smart Eco mode of this solar collector, you can automatically adjust the heating level. Which keeps the temperature in real time. This indoor heater is also portable that you can use in any other room as per your needs.

Grelife 1500W PTC heater price – This solar heater is priced at Rs.6548. You can buy this room heater in the Amazon e-shop. What we deliver to your home.


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