Weather update: Light rain and snowfall with bout or mild spells may occur over Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Gilgit-Baltistan and at one or two places in Himachal Pradesh in the next 24 hours, according to Skymet weather.

As we all know, winter is knocking on the doors and the weather in India is about to change drastically. On the mountains, snowfall is about to begin and as a result the plains will soon become frozen.

November has already begun, and the Meteorological Service is predicting a significant change in the weather. While there will be snow in the mountains this month, it will fall in the lower mountain regions. As a result, the cold will begin to affect the Mudani regions of northern India.

Western Himalayan Disorder

The western Himalayas are in turmoil. By the 4th of November, Jammu and Kashmir is likely to witness another western turmoil. The Meteorological Department said that due to the western disturbances, rain as well as snow may fall in the mountainous areas. The hill countries will face a triple weather attack over the coming days. In these states, there will be a triple onslaught of snowfall, rain and hail.

To strike normal life

People’s problems can be exacerbated as a result. IMD predicts that from today, 1st November, it will rain in Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Himachal Pradesh.

The Meteorological Department reported that the dry northwest winds are currently coming from the north and west and are heading towards central India. After snow falls on the mountains, these winds will sweep across the snowy regions and calm most of northern India.

IMD . forecast

In India, the cold will grow from the north to the center of the country during November 6 and 7, according to MID. In Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal and Uttarakhand, it may rain and snow, according to the IMD forecast. Heavy snow is expected from Kashmir to Himachal and Uttarakhand on November 5-6 due to western disturbances.

As a result, many regions of the country including Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Telangana and Odisha will see a drop in temperature from November 8 to 9.

Meanwhile, rain is falling in Tamil Nadu and neighboring states as a result of cyclonic circulation over the Bay of Bengal. Today, heavy rain will fall in various regions, including Chennai, according to a warning from the Meteorological Department.

Northeast Monsoon

The northeast monsoon is expected to bring rains to various regions of the country, including Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Puducherry and Karikal, according to the Meteorological Department. Additionally, rain is expected today in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland.

Today’s weather is expected to be mild in coastal Andhra Pradesh, coastal Tamil Nadu, within Tamil Nadu, Kerala, inland southern Karnataka, and Rayaalsima, according to private weather forecaster Skymet Weather.

On the other hand, Gilgit-Baltistan, Muzaffarabad, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand can have snow as well as rain. While the very poor to severe category may still apply to Delhi and the NCR’s Air Quality Index.


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