Helpful measures to protect your kids on Internet


New Delhi: Currently, fast internet is available to everyone, including children. Children generally like to access content that is appropriate for their age group, but the Internet is also a place where children can lead you astray and force you to do so. Which you probably shouldn’t. This includes adult content that should never be accessible to children.

For this, children need internet safety just like adults. Unlike adults, children and their internet use can be tracked using different tools. We’re here to tell you how to keep your kids safe online. Follow these tips to protect your children from inappropriate content. Here are some helpful tips to try before opening up the internet to your kids.

Educate children about the dangers of the Internet

Children should be reminded of the appropriate ways of using the Internet. Parents should educate their children about the threat of malware. They should advise you not to open websites or email attachments from unknown sources. You need to explain to the children the harm it causes.

Create a separate account for browsing

Profiles help web browsers segment their content and preferences. For children, parents should be aware of the websites they can access and to do so, they should create a whitelist of websites that are safe and relevant for them to use. Secure websites usually have “https” in front of the URL. If you visit unknown websites or click on links, you may become a victim of a phishing attack. Therefore, it is better to foolproof the system for children.

Keep your device up to date

Keeping your device up-to-date is important for you and your children. To protect your online accounts, make sure all software on your phone is updated to the latest version. These updates prevent potential threats to your accounts on the Internet. Most root through phones, tablets or computers.

Turn on parental controls on your phone

Yes, all of this will only be possible if you continue to control their online activity. Netflix, YouTube and other apps provide advanced parental controls. You can use it for any app that your kids use regularly.

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