Here’s how to wash your car properly!


New Delhi: People take better care of their vehicles than themselves. In addition to occasionally taking it to service, he likes to clean the car outside. After doing all this in the car, it will cost thousands of rupees. But if you want to save thousands of rupees on vehicle maintenance, follow these tips. After that, it cuts the maintenance costs of the vehicle in half.

To save on vehicle maintenance costs, you can wash your vehicle at home without having to go anywhere. You just need to know how to properly wash your vehicle. Today we will tell you how to wash your car at home.

Use shampoo

It is useful to use shampoo as with surfing to wash the vehicle. If you clean your car with shampoo, your car will start to shine like before. To do this, mix a little shampoo with water and wash the car. Wash your car. Wipe the car with a cotton cloth to dry.

Use newspaper to clean mirrors

To clean the car glass, you need to use newspaper, which makes the car glass shine. Use wet and dry newspaper. Clean the car glass with dry paper.

Clean the inside of the car

Cleaning your car inside and out will keep your car looking like new. To do this, don’t forget to clean the car seat, footwell, steering wheel, dashboard and air conditioner. To do this, use a dry cotton cloth and remove accumulated dust from all parts of the vehicle. Remember to park in the shade when washing your car, parking in the sun causes a lot of damage.

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