High CNG and PNG prices to create a hole in the Mumbaikars enclave


Mumbai residents will now pay more for CNG and piped cooking gas (PNG, or PNG) from November 5. to 3.50 rupees. PNG will now cost Rs 54 per cubic meter and CNG will cost Rs 89.5 per kilogram (standard cubic metre).

On October 3, costs had already gone up. Last month, Mahanagar Gas raised the retail prices of compressed natural gas (CNG) and piped natural gas (PNG) by Rs. 6/kg and Rs. 4/SCM, respectively, which raised the cost of CNG to Rs. 86/kg and PNG to Rs. 52.50/scm.

Indraprastha Gas Limited is expected to raise its tariffs in the Delhi-NCR region as a result.

With this increase, the cost reductions between CNG and gasoline fell to about 42%, while the reductions between PNG and LPG fell to about 9%. Therefore, consumers who may have switched to the less expensive option may not save as much as they did before paying for gasoline and LPG.

Gasoline cost Rs. 106.31 per liter in Mumbai, while diesel costs Rs. 94.27 per liter.

1.98 million households, over 4,000 small businesses, and 360 industrial facilities in Mumbai and surrounding areas receive PNG from Mahangar Gas. With its 296 CNG pumps located across the city, including Mumbai, Thane, Mira Bhandar, Navi Mumbai, Greater Mumbai and Banvel, MGL also distributes CNG.

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