How Corona virus destroys the whole body?

Your body sees the virus like a foreign invader and signals to the whole body that the body has been attacked. After this, he starts leaving a chemical named cytokine to kill the virus.


In December last year, the first cases of Corona virus Covid 19 were reported in China.

After this, it spread rapidly in countries around the world and the World Health Organization had to declare it an epidemic.

So far, more than 69 lakh cases of corona virus have been reported worldwide and more than 3 lakh 99 thousand people have died.

The corona virus causes a disease called covid 19 in humans.

Although its initial symptoms are very minor, it can also kill people.

Although its initial symptoms are very minor, it can also kill people.

Virus incubation period

The official pandemic corona virus is named SARS COV-2 (Sars-CoV-2). Incubation period is the time between infection and symptoms.

This is the time when the virus accumulates in the human body.

After going inside the body, this virus can cause trouble in breathing for a human being. Its first attack is on the cells around your throat.

It then attacks the windpipe and lungs. Here it makes a kind of “corona virus factories”. That is, it increases its number here.

New corona viruses attack the rest of the cells. You do not feel ill in the initial stages. However, in some people, symptoms start appearing from the very beginning of the infection.

The incubation period of the virus can also vary among people. On an average, it is five days.

Minor illness

The symptoms seen in most people are minor. It can be said that in eight out of ten of the infected people, these symptoms are very mild, and these symptoms are fever and cough. Body ache, sore throat and headache may also occur.

Your body’s immune system tries to fight the virus.

Your body sees the virus like a foreign invader and signals to the whole body that the body has been attacked. After this, he starts leaving a chemical named cytokine to kill the virus.

The body’s anti-disease forces are able to respond to the attack with full force and due to this you may also have body pain and fever.

The cough caused by the corona virus is usually a dry cough in which there is no mucus. But sometimes this matter can be limited to the problem as well.

Disease resistance virus

Some people may also get mucus in cough. In such cases, there are also dead efforts of lungs in the mucus which are destroyed due to the virus.

In these symptoms, doctors often ask you to relax, drink plenty of water and take paracetamol. There is no need to be hospitalized for this.

This situation lasts for about a week. People whose immunity system is successful in fighting the virus, their health starts improving within a week.

But in some cases the person’s health deteriorates further. Severe symptoms of Covid 19 begin to appear.

So far, the information about Covid 19 has been revealed, so far it has been revealed.

But recently some studies have come out which say that symptoms of colds like running nose may also be seen in this beam.

Severe symptoms of Covid 19

If the disease increases then there are many reasons. The first is that our immunity works more than necessary to eliminate the virus.

During this time, the chemicals that are made, they signal to the whole body, due to which the body starts to swell. Sometimes this inflammation causes severe damage to the body.

Says Natalie Maxdermott, a doctor at King’s College London, “The virus causes the balance of the immune system to deteriorate and inflammation begins to appear. We have not yet been able to know how the virus works.”

This inflammation of the lungs is called pneumonia. If this virus enters your windpipe through your mouth and then reaches your lungs, then your lungs make small airsacs.

The lungs of a human being are the places in the body from where oxygen starts reaching the body, while the carbon dioxide comes out of the body.

But water starts settling in small airsacs made by Corona and due to this you have difficulty in breathing and you are not able to take long breath.

In such a stage, the patient needs a ventilator.

A World Health Organization study, based on information collected about 56,000 infected people in China, shows that 14 percent of such people have seen such severe signs of infection.

Very critical condition

It is said that six percent people can become very seriously ill due to this virus.

In this stage, the human body loses in front of the virus and falls seriously ill.

At this stage, lung failure, septic shock, organ failure and death can occur.

At this stage, the immune system gets out of control and causes serious damage to the body.

Due to swelling in the lungs, the body does not get the oxygen it needs.

This can have a direct effect on the kidney, which works to clean the blood, they can stop working. Also your intestines can be affected. Doctor Bharat Pankhania says, “Due to the virus, the swelling of the body increases so much, many organs of the body fail due to which a human being can die.” For treatment at this stage, ECMO ie Extra Corporal Membrane Oxygenation can be used. In this, a type of artificial lung is used, which extracts the blood inside the body and oxygenates it and puts it back in the body. But it cannot be said with any certainty that this treatment will be effective.

Death Cases

In the case of deaths due to corona virus, doctors have told how the patient could not be saved despite their best efforts.

According to a study published in Lancet Medical Journal, the lungs of patients were found healthy in two deaths due to corona virus at Xinyantan Hospital in Wuhan, China.

However, it has also been said in the study that these two used to smoke for a long time. This may be due to the fact that their lungs may be weak.

The first person to die was a 61-year-old male.

He had severe pneumonia when he arrived at the hospital. He had severe breathing problems and was placed on a ventilator. But his lungs stopped working.

The beating was also stopped. He died 11 days after coming to the hospital. The other patients were a 69-year-old man who was having trouble breathing.

He was attached to the ECMO machine but could not escape. His blood pressure was constantly falling and he had pneumonia.

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