How Third Party WhatsApp Spying on Indians by Recording Video and Audio


New Delhi: A recent analysis has warned that a cloned, third-party, unapproved version of WhatsApp is the country’s leader in spying on people’s conversations, and that India is one of the countries with the highest number of Android malware.

GB WhatsApp, a well-known but cloned third-party version of WhatsApp, was responsible for a significant portion of Android spyware detections in the previous four months, according to a study by cybersecurity firm ESET.

These malware can record audio and video in addition to many other surveillance features.

“The cloned app is not available on Google Play and therefore has no security checks compared to the legitimate WhatsApp, and the versions available on various download sites are loaded with malware,” the report said.

From May to August 2022, India (35%) was second only to China (53%) as the geographic location of the largest Internet of Things (IoT) botnet known as “Mozi”.

Between May and August, the number of bots in the IoT botnet “Mozi” dropped from 500,000 compromised devices to 383,000, which is 23 percent.

Nevertheless, China and India still had the highest number of IoT bots deployed within their respective countries.

“These statistics confirm the assumption that the ‘Mozi’ botnet is on autopilot and operates without human supervision after its reputed perpetrator was arrested in 2021,” the report said.

Russian IP addresses were still responsible for the majority of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) attacks, despite their volume.

“Russia was also the country most targeted by ransomware, and some of the attacks were politically or ideologically motivated by the war,” said Roman Kovac, head of research at ESET.

The report also discussed threats that mainly affect home users.

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