How to Download Apps on Android Phone?

For example, type playstore to find the playstore app, or images to find a variety of photo apps.


How do i download play store app?

Mobile phone has become an inevitable part of most of us. It is the device which does most of our daily tasks. Still there many who don’t know how to download an app on android phone. If you’re one who has question “how do i download playstore app”, this few step procedure will be helpful for you.

1-Select the Apps option.

It’s found at bottom most section of the display of your home screen. It usually appears as a circle with multiple dots or little squares inside of it.

2-Scroll down to Play Store and touch it.

A colourful triangle on a white briefcase serves as its logo.

If this is your first time visiting the Play Store, you’ll need to sign in with your Google account and provide payment information. Once prompted, follow its on guidelines.

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3-Search name of app:

In the search field, type the name of an app or a keyword. It’s found at the top most section of your display.

For example, type chrome to find the google chrome app, or images to find a variety of photo apps.

If you’re just looking around, skip the search and instead look through the Play Store’s categories, charts, and recommendations.

4-Press and hold the Search key.

It’s the key in the bottom right corner of the keyboard that appears like a magnifying lens.

5-Choose one app from the list of results.

This will take you to the app’s information page, where you can read the description, see user reviews, and see screenshots.

Because many apps have similar names, your search may get many results. The icon, developer, star rating, and price of each programme in the search result appear on their own “tiles.”

6-Select INSTALL

It’s a green button directly underneath the app’s name. If the app isn’t free, the green button will say “INSTALL” instead of “INSTALL” (for example, “$2.49”).

You may be asked to validate your Google account password while downloading a paid programme.

7-Tap OPEN.

The “INSTALL” (or price) button will change to a “OPEN” button once the installation is complete. It will open your new app for the first time when you tap it.

Tap the Apps icon on your home screen, then tap the new app’s symbol to access it in the future.

Hope, this article on how to download an app on android is helpful. keep visiting our how-to section to keep yourself updated with useful informations.

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Smart tips:

Before you install an app, read some reviews. You may learn a lot of useful information, such as if an app is full of advertisements or is suitable for children.

As you download more apps, the Play Store will improve your app suggestions. Open the Play Store and scroll down to “Suggested for You” to see your suggestions.

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