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Do you really love someone? (Are you in Love), Do you know what is the hallmark of true love? (How to Identify True Love)

Do you know what people who have the feeling of true love get in life? (What can you achieve from True Love)

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How to Identify True Love

Do you know how to recognize the feeling of true love? (What are the Signs of True Love) Let’s talk about this today.

We meet many people in our life. Our family members, our friends, our relatives, acquaintances and many more people we meet in our life.

Most of us have some form of connection. But in the crowd of all these, some people (one or two) meet with whom our heart becomes a relation.

We talk to them about our mind, share our feelings and most of all, their happiness makes us feel our happiness.

Feels like meeting him again and again, wants to talk, only after thinking about him a little, colorful flowers start blooming in his mind.

Friends, this is where we need to know that are we really loving the people with whom we are feeling like this? Or is it just an attraction?

Let me first tell you that having attraction towards someone is such an illusion.illusion) It is meant to be broken and this illusion can be broken at any time.

The basis of attraction towards someone is such a physical thing or desire, when it is met or fulfilled, the attraction goes away. Would you call it true love? (Is this True Love) Not at all!

then it’s true What is love? (What is True Love Definition in Hindi) How to recognize true love? (How to Identify True Love In Hindi)

What are the feelings from which we can know whether our love is real or is it just attraction? Let’s talk about it in detail.

What is the meaning of true love?

What is True Love Meaning

True love is such an experience that comes in our mind for another person and as soon as this feeling comes in the mind or heart, we get inspiration to do something good. meaning-

1- True love is the energy that takes us to the top of success without getting tired.

2- True love is the inspiration that settles in someone’s heart, then he is ready to do anything good.

3- True love is the passion that takes us beyond our limits to the world of success.

4- True love gives birth to a life that never grows old or dies.

5- True love is such a spiritual feeling Feeling) In front of which man, even God bows down.

What is the mark of true love?

How to Identify True Love

As soon as the feeling of true love comes inside us, you will feel something like this-

1- Motivation from True Love is found for the person for whom the feeling of love has come. If he is with you then you can achieve any success in the world.

2- Do not just sit in one place thinking about it, but as soon as you think about it, you become active to do something good in life.

3- You fall in love with his sirat (mind or feeling) more than his body and in order to fill a good feeling about yourself in that situation, you start planning to fulfill yourself and his dreams.

4- The feeling of sex does not come towards him, but the feeling comes that even if all the people of the world go somewhere and both of you are alone in the world, even then he can feel safe with you.

5- Your dreams towards success get bigger and you get the inspiration to fulfill those dreams continuously.

6- The desire to achieve the success that you want to achieve in life now turns into burning desire and you get the passion to make it come true.

7- You do not have the will power to break the comfort zone, you go far by breaking that comfort zone where success is waiting for both of you.

8- Your happiness is hidden in his happiness. And to increase his happiness, you put your life into it, as a result of which you get inspired and do something which proves to be a milestone.

9- If there is any opposition or “no” from you or his family, then instead of anger, disappointment and sadness, you take a successful step towards making yourself worthy by being inspired by your true love. But upon reaching youNo“Can’t even speak.

10- With true love, the inner powers awaken in you and they become capable of doing everything which is necessary to become a successful person.

11- Motivation from True Love is a feeling that will appear to grow with time, from which you can collect a lifetime of happiness and many successes.

There is much more that you feel in true love. But I have told you some feelings so that you can know whether the feeling you are having for someone is true love or just attraction.

Now the question comes that how to know that your feeling for someone is only attraction which feeling can deceive you at any time? (How to Identify Feeling of Attraction)

Let’s talk about this too so that you can be alert in time and avoid the illusion of one and only attraction.

How to recognize attraction?

How to Identify Fake Love

As soon as the feeling of attraction comes inside us, you will feel something like this-

1- Would like you to talk to him. It would feel like talking to her all day and being with her and doing nothing.

2- You will spend all your time thinking about him. It would be nice to think about it, but other than that you will not feel like doing anything else.

3- A kind of transparent veil will appear in front of your mind or eyes, through which you will feel everything and everywhere only and enjoy it. It is a veil of attraction. 🙂

4- It will feel good when you are with him, but when you are away, you will become so lazy that you will stop doing the work you used to do in your normal life.

5- You will reduce the scope of your comfort zone i.e. as much as you were motivated to do something good in your life, now that motivation will decrease and the obsession with the attractiveness of his face and body will be in your mind all the time.

6- If there is any opposition or “no” from him or your family then you will be furious and ready to fight with the whole world regardless of good and bad.

7- You will feel that you love her look, but thinking about her look, when you will reach her face and start thinking about some part of her body, you will not even know.

8- After some time, you will create such a foundation (some material thing) due to which the whole feeling of your love will be centered there. If that material thing is found, then the attraction ends together or gradually. Whether it will happen or not, then the passion of vengeance will start.

9- You focus only on your happiness and even if you give happiness to it, then so that you can get something in return.

10- When there is an attraction, the good powers inside you get buried somewhere and such an intoxication is always with you, which keeps the motivation to do something good away from you.

11- The feeling of attraction is like a water bubble which bursts as quickly as it is formed. If a lifetime remains together, then deceit, vengeance or disappointment.

Apart from this, there are many negative feelings from which we can know that we are trapped in the trap of attraction.

By reading the feeling given in the example, you might have got a view as to which feelings indicate attraction.

Now you must be clear that by understanding the feelings towards someone, we can find out whether the one we want is true love or only attraction.

Now understand one thing clear here that true love inspires us to be successful and behind the success of most of the successful people of the world, their true love is the hand behind them.

That’s why someone has rightly said that behind every successful man there is a woman’s hand.

This is not only true of men but equally true of every successful woman.

I can mention here the names of many successful people who could reach the highest level of success only because of their true love.

You can also be one of them, so I give you a task to find such successful people who are successful in their work. true love Because of this, he was able to get success from True Love.

Read and understand about his life, only then you will be able to understand that Real Feeling of True Love properly.


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