How to set and achieve them effectively


A self-made multi-millionaire Life Coach and Public Speaker, Mr. Somanshu Gaur has paved the way for the success of millions of youngsters in his decade-long career! His run was not exactly smooth: he experienced difficulties with his rations before he got to where he is now! Somanshu Gaur always believes in the importance of setting goals.

Life Coach Somanshu Gaur talks here about the importance of understanding the difference between a goal and a dream. There is a simple difference but it can create a huge difference, a goal is a dream with a time limit and a dream without a deadline is not your goal or goal so the chance of achieving it is relatively small.

Somanshu Gaur has always believed in setting goals, planning them and taking action towards them. He says this process can help you turn your life around. It’s one of the first steps you take on your journey to true success.

Life Coach Somanshu always emphasizes on setting goals because he firmly believes that once a goal is set, you get clarity on what you really want to achieve. Mr. Gaur also says in his mentoring sessions that Goals keep you focused and help you stay motivated. He always mentions that setting goals actually makes you more focused because it activates your brain and your energy is better directed towards it. Setting goals makes you responsible and more committed to achieving them. Instead of talking, you must now act. This responsibility is responsibility to yourself, not to anyone else. and when you do things with more commitment, the results are different. A simple way to increase your commitment is to start declaring your goals, the fear of failure is the best motivation that pushes us more because we don’t want to lose our self-respect.

Life Coach Somanshu Gaur also shares his highly effective tips on setting goals to maximize performance. Mr. Somanshu Gaur mentioned writing down your goals because it has been proven that you are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. His second tip is to always be very specific about your goals and choose a deadline to achieve your goals. Coach Somanshu also emphasizes on creating a massive action plan, making sure it is very detailed and also managing your time effectively. He concluded by monitoring your approach, because things can change when you’re trying to achieve a certain goal, so life coach Somanshu Gaur mentioned that it’s important to constantly evaluate and adjust your approach

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