How to use Bolo Live app and earn money by going live?


Indian short video app Bolo India recently decided to change its identity and became Bolo Live, a social live-streaming platform. With live video becoming a part of anyone’s daily content, turning something like this makes sense for an Indian app.

And if this idea of ​​going live can eventually help you make money, then it makes sense to have a variety of content creators. So, if you like to make live videos often, maybe you can try a dedicated app to do that. Here is a look at the features of Bolo Live and you can try it out.

Features of Bolo Live at a Glance

like very much instagramSpeak Live lets one person go live with up to three more people and viewers can request the host to add more people. Even those who want to join the live video can make a request and if the host agrees, he will accept the request. But, there is one key feature that makes Bolo Live stand out. People who follow any creator can reward them if they like their content.

Certain factors like content quality, density and engagement are considered and people can reward creators with diamonds. Diamonds can be referred to as symbols. For example, tea is for 10 diamonds, heart is for 50 diamonds, and there are a few more options. It will show up as a bean in their app’s wallet. And these are not wasted virtual prizes. These can be converted into real money.

This functionality, which is similar to what Twitter wants people to get tweeting some money, makes room for a wide variety of content and according to Bolo Live, popular genres range from entertainment, comedy acts, fitness, cooking, makeup, fashion and more. The app is also available in 14 Indian languages ​​so that you can create content in the language of your choice.

How to use Bolo Live App?

Now that we know what the main features are in the app, here’s how you can start going live:

Phase 1: Once you have downloaded the app on your Android Or iOS phone, just sign up. You need to enter some details to create an account.

Phase 2: The app has a shutter button in the middle of the homepage. Just tap on it to find the Live option on the right.

step 3: Now, just tap on the option to start live streaming. You can choose to add a thumbnail or continue using your profile picture on the app to make things interesting.

step 4: After the live stream starts, you can choose to add more people and even play games as another way to interact with your followers. If the idea is to make money, the key is to create interesting and engaging content so that more and more people reward you with diamonds.

In addition, Bolo Live comes with a content moderation system so that abusive content is not posted. There are community guidelines and machine learning algorithms to prohibit explicit content of any kind from going live. If someone tries to be aggressive, the host also has the option to block them.

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