Humans produce appam in various forms


Viral video: Every once in a while, a food video goes viral on social media. It’s often a bizarre food combination that’s sickening the internet. This time, however, a chef is going viral for his unique Appam-crafting skills. For those unfamiliar, appam is a common rice flour bread eaten in southern India. The clip was posted to Twitter by RPG Enterprises chairman Harsh Goenka.

In the viral video, the man can be seen making appams in the shape of birds and animals by twisting and turning the pan of liquid rice batter. The video can make anyone salivate and stare in amusement all the time.

The video has apparently gone viral on the internet with 29,000 views. Not only has Harsh Goenka been impressed by his innovative technique, but netizens are equally impressed by this man’s skills. “Appam in kind or kind in appam,” said one user. Another user wrote: “Wonderful, there is room for #innovation everywhere.”

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