Husband gives his wife’s cell phone number to 30 friends for a SHOCKING reason


Kanpur: A shocking case of conflict between husband and wife has emerged from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. When the wife filed a case of dowry harassment, the husband found a way to get revenge that surprised everyone. The woman claims that her husband gave her phone number to 30 friends to pressure her to drop the complaint and that they sent her obscene messages.

The victim filed a complaint with the police on Tuesday. He gave strict instructions.

Akash, who lives in Chakeri, married a woman from Shyam Nagar in 2019. After two years of marriage, the couple clashed. The woman claimed that Akash’s family arranged the marriage through lies. Akash was unemployed and this was the cause of disagreements between the two.

The victim claimed his parents spent Rs 15 lakh on the wedding. In 2021, despite several attempts to reach an agreement, she was beaten and thrown out of the house. But when things didn’t work out, she filed a lawsuit against Akash and his family under the Dowry Act in 2022.

As a result, Akash became so angry that he gave his wife’s phone number to 30 friends to defame her. She then received obscene messages, photos and videos.

According to the woman, she complained to the local police station, but officers did not take her complaint seriously. As a result, he was forced to lodge a complaint with the Commissioner. The women’s cell ACP was tasked with conducting an investigation.

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