Husband kills wife, visits temple to seek forgiveness; Details here

Mumbai: A 36-year-old man from Kamothe, Mumbai, killed his wife after the accused visited the temple to seek forgiveness. At the time of his arrest, he was eating food offered to devotees.

The accused has been identified as Birappa Shrirang Shejal. The Criminal Division II. department acted on the information of Namdev Metkari, elder brother of the victim, Shilwanta Shejal (33). Namdev told the police that one place where Birappa could be hiding was the Balumama temple in Solapur, which he often visited.

Meanwhile, another police team working on technical evidence to trace the CCTV footage saw him boarding a train from Kamothe station to Kurla and then another train from Kurla to Solapur.

Senior Constable Ravindra Patil, II. department’s Crime Branch said, “The accused said he killed his wife with a hammer and then threw the weapon into the Vashi Creek. He said the couple often argued over finances and that day he was holding her by the collar, which upset her. Then he killed her.”

The woman, Sister Metkari, said: “According to the children, they started the fight on the day of the murder and the husband finally said I will only get peace after I kill you and left home to drop the children to school. “

He added: “My sister was lying on the bed in a pool of blood. That means he was probably asleep when he killed her. After dropping the kids off, he went back to kill her. This was not a murder that happened in a fit of rage, but a planned murder.”

Metkari explained that Birappa, who worked as an accountant at the Comptroller and Auditor General’s Office (CAG) in South Mumbai, had been harassing his sister since her marriage. Shilwanta also filed a domestic violence case with the court, which she withdrew before the Lok Adalat in February after the man apologized to her in front of his relatives and lawyers.

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