‘I have hope in youth’: Nancy Pelosi in Seoul


New Delhi: Nancy Pelosi has now arrived in the South Korean capital, Seoul. She visited Taiwan after various warnings from Beijing that the consequences of her visit would have dire effects. She did not heed China’s warnings.

She also became one of the highest ranking US government officials to visit Taiwan in more than two decades. The visit comes as Beijing begins military exercises in the areas surrounding the island country.

Nancy Pelosi wrote on Twitter: “Proud to meet our brave Tweet embed US Navy Detachment. Congress and the country are forever grateful for the patriotic service of our heroes in uniform.”

In another tweet, Pelosi wrote: “When asked, ‘What gives me hope?'” I always say: ‘I have hope in youth.’ It was a pleasure to meet our next generation of leaders in Seoul today. They are our future – and our future is bright.”

She also posted another tweet in which she said, “Today, our congressional delegation had a special privilege to salute the members of the South Korean Honor Guard. Their selfless service is essential to protecting the Korean people – and protecting democracy for future generations.”

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to TA

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