“I shouldn’t have this…” 21-year-old Sam Curran after winning


Melbourne: Sam Curran is currently the youngest player in the England squad and his contribution to winning the World Cup has been fantastic. Even in the final match against Pakistan, Curran took three wickets and kicked two prominent players out of Pakistan.

“I don’t think I should have this…” Sam Curran on MVP of the Tournament

Curran was named Player of the Tournament for his brilliant career in the tournament but when he took the award, he said he shouldn’t have.

“I don’t think I should get this, I think the way Ben Stokes played there, to get fifty in the final and he does it a few times for us, he should get this (PoTM). We are going to enjoy this occasion and it is very special,” Sam Curran.

It was a challenge to chase – England bowling

“Bound square is big, so I knew I in a bowling wicket-type would work and try to make it hit the wicket square. We felt the wicket wasn’t as good as we thought it would be. It was nibbling everywhere and it was a challenge to chase it,” Curran said. The wicket with my slow balls and I’m trying to keep the batsmen guessing.”


“We are the world champions, how good he is. Incredibly special (to have Stokes). He is someone I look up to and always comes when the team needs him, people question him but there is no questioning of him, he is the man,” Curran said after winning the World Cup. .

I lost words – Sam Curran at the end

“To be honest, I was a little lost for words, it was a great tournament. My first time in a World Cup and we won it. An amazing crowd. He wanted to be adaptable to being in the tournament. I haven’t thrown much at death before and that’s one of the areas where I want to keep improving it. You want to improve my hits even though it’s hard to get them in this squad. How nice to be the world champion (smiles),” Curran concluded.

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