I wouldn’t have slept with 200 people if the movie wasn’t a hit


An interview with an American actress which revealed that she slept with 200 people has gone viral. Veteran film actress Jennifer Coolidge has revealed that she managed to romance 200 people because of her role in the 1999 film “American Pie”.

Jennifer, 60, told Variety that she wouldn’t have slept with 200 people if the 1999 film American Pie hadn’t been a hit. Jennifer claims that she got more satisfaction from this film than fame.

Due to this film, Jennifer Coolidge became the center of attraction in the film world overnight. Her character in American Pie was that of a woman who would do anything to have a relationship with her son’s friend. The film grossed over Rs 1800 crore worldwide.

Jennifer claims that after getting rejected in auditions for almost ten years, her fear was overcome. He felt that now he had nothing to lose. His life was turned upside down when he got a job at American Pie. She has also appeared in the 2021 television series The White Lotus.

Jennifer Coolidge says that I have done one good thing in my life. I’ve made some great friends. In the interview, he also discussed his negative experiences with Corona. She claims that the pandemic affected her as well. That was a difficult period. I read disappointing news every day. I had gained weight. Mental health was also affected.

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