IAS Rinku Rahi: Shot 7 times, secured 683 rank in UPSC, read success story


New Delhi: If someone is shot with seven bullets in his body and he almost died, then what will you say if he achieves some unexpected success in life? Rinku Rahi hails from western Uttar Pradesh. In 2007 he was a PCS officer in Muzaffarnagar. The young officer had the spirit of morality and honesty. He saw that the scholarship scam of Rs 100 crore was going on indiscriminately. He exposed the scam. The scam of such a huge amount was going on with the connivance of government officials and mafia.

On becoming aware of these information, Rinku Rahi was filled with anger. In 2009, he was gunned down by criminals. Seven bullets entered his body. Three of them were on his face. His face was deteriorated, One eye and one ear was lost but Rinku survived. When he returned after four months from the hospital, he decided that there was a need to increase his strength. This power can be increased by becoming a  by securing a better position in the administration. He started preparing for UPSC.

UPSC 683 Rank

This year, as we all rejoice over the success of Richa Sharma and two other girls at the top three ranks in UPSC, we can’t forget Rinku Rahi, who cleared the IAS exam at 683rd rank. His success is no less inspiring. He helped 300 students to get government jobs in 3 years by coaching them.

Eight people were arrested among those who open fired on Rinku with intent to kill. Four of them were sentenced to 10 years each. Rinku Rahi had to gone through a lot of painful experiences in this struggle. He says that “I was not fighting the system, the system was fighting me!” How true is this, you should ponder over the fact keeping in mind that medical leave of four months for treatment has not been accepted till date!!

100 crore scam story

Rinku Rahi is 40 years old now. He was 25 when he was shot fifteen years ago. Since then the governments in Uttar Pradesh have treated him mercilessly. There was an attempt to kill him during Mayawati’s BSP government. Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi government sent him to a mental asylum for protesting heavily on corruption.

UPSC had given relaxation in age limit for any category. Rinku has come under the handicapped category after the bullet injury, for which the qualifying age in UPSC is 42 years. Rinku Rahi got this benefit.

Rinku’s story is an epitome of hard work and conviction

The life of this young man has been a filled with struggle. When his father was ten years old, the grandfather died. The story of how his grandmother raised the family is inspiring. His father was good in studies but there was no choice than to support his grandmother in running the family. Due to financial constraints, Rinku Rahi made himself capable by studying in government school till 12th. Later on, he studied B.Tech by securing scholarship. 

Originally from Aligarh, Rinku Rahi became a social welfare officer in Muzaffarnagar after being selected in PCS in 2008. During his tenure, he had exposed the scams going on in the department in 2009.

Rinku Rahi told NBT that he got the children to study for 20-20 hours to get 100% government job selection. At the same time, on the insistence of the children, he himself started preparing for the IAS and passed the examination in the first attempt itself. He said that his aim is to make children successful even today.

However, now Rinku himself is an IAS officer. Following his ideals, not only he fulfilled his dreams, but also played an important role in making the administration honest as well as sensitive. There are limits to individual influence within a system. But individual efforts also matters.

Rinku’s life story is an example of a unique achievement of fighting death and then the system. It has great scope for miraculous explanation for the believer and the devout mind, but on the other hand there is also an indomitable motivation to fight for honesty by challenging his own death.

first published:June 3, 2022, 6:35 p.m.

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