ICC Men’s T20 World Cup: Fans will not have selfie moments with players this time


If desired, the ICC has allowed a small number of close family members to accompany the teams. In those cases, the family members who are present also have to go through the phase of isolation and ensure that they are negative.

Dubai: The International Cricket Council (ICC) has come up with its own safety protocols to protect players and fans from COVID19 and ensure that the World Cup is played as safely as possible.

ICC Head of Integrity Alex Marshall said on Thursday, “Yes, I have been in those hotel lobbies over the years and have seen the excitement and how close the fans want to take selfies and certainly the opportunity for selfies. So they have to be in a managed event environment, so there will be no direct match between fans and players. And I’m sure everyone understands.

Once we went through that first round of testing that people are free from COVID-19. We know they’ve all been vaccinated too, which is fantastic, as long as we keep that sensible separation and that group maintains those themes, we shouldn’t have other problems throughout the tournament. So I am afraid that in this World Cup there will be no chance to take selfies with the players.

“But we also know that to be able to see families; Close families can be a very important factor in reducing stress and creating a more pleasant environment for people. So we have allowed a small number of close family members to accompany the teams if they wish. And I think some teams will do that.

In those cases, the attending family members also have to go through an isolation phase and ensure they are negative, undergo three tests, and then remain in a managed environment throughout the event. . And I think you’ve seen it at other events as well.”

First published:October 7, 2021, 5:02 pm

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