If you want compulsory voting, make physical connections: police officer


New Delhi: The female staff of Fatehpur Beri Police Station in South District have made serious allegations against Chittha Munshi (police officer employed on the service of police station staff) of their own police station.

Police officer pressured over physical relationships

The female staff allege that the police station officer is pressuring them to have physical relationships contrary to their desired duty. Aside from refusing permission to harass the female employees who don’t, they are subject to abuse.

In addition, the accused is also doing his favorite duty by taking cash and gifts. The female police personnel at the police station have jointly made a written complaint to the Delhi Police Commissioner and the Special Envoy for Vigilance. As the matter is being taken seriously, an investigation has been ordered.

Department investigation was ordered

District Deputy Police Commissioner Chandan Chaudhary has confirmed the matter and said the department is investigating. In the complaint, which was submitted to the Delhi Police Commissioner, the officer claimed that the letter writer posted at the police station was a police officer.

He was a clerk for a long time, gaining the confidence of the officers. Aside from talking dirty to the female staff, the defendant pressures them into having physical relationships. He openly says that if his words are not heeded, he will not be given leave either, and duty will also be imposed at a place where he is missing.

Demand cash and gifts from female employees

He demands cash and gifts from some female employees. A complaint was also lodged with senior officials in this regard. The defendant has always influenced the investigation of the case through his influence. Never run the test right. He says openly that women will not run for the police force. The police are male dominated.

Misconduct after alcohol consumption

Chittha Munshi is also accused of misbehaving towards the female staff by drinking alcohol. A senior Delhi Police official said that former Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana issued an order stating that the Chittha Munshi would not be at any police station for more than six months.

Apart from that, only one officer of the rank of ASI or higher is commissioned as Chitta Munshi. This order was openly violated here at Fatehpur Beri Police Station. According to police sources, the complaint filed on September 19 is being investigated by the deputy chief of police in addition to the deputy chief of police.

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