IIT Delhi invented Vegetarian Egg, now vegetarian people will not have trouble


Students of IIT Delhi have made Vegetarian Egg. For this wonderful invention, IIT Delhi has also received first prize in Innovations for SDG Competition. This delicious vegetarian egg also meets all standards of health.

Students of IIT Delhi have made amazing inventions. Plant-based Fake Eggs have been invented by them. This fake egg, made by students of IIT Delhi, caters to the needs of diet and protein (Protein). Also, it meets all the necessary standards of health.

The special thing is that this mock egg made by IIT Delhi is very tasty to eat and is completely vegetarian.

For this invention, IIT Delhi has received the first prize in Innovations for SDG Competition. The competition was organized by UNDP (United Nation Development Program, UNDP) Accelerator Lab India.

This invention has been done by Professor Kavya Dashora of Center for Rural Development and Technology, IIT Delhi.

5000 US dollar honour

It is worth noting that Christie, the head of economic cooperation and development of Germany has awarded IIT Delhi with the honor for this wonderful invention. Its prize money prize includes US $ 5000. IIT Delhi has been awarded online for this invention.

Meets the needs of protein

According to UNDP, mock egg innovation is a perfect innovation. This fake egg serves the protein needs. It is also alert towards health awareness. This fake egg made from vegetarian ingredients fulfills most of the requirements of hunger and good health.

 Special veg egg for vegetarians

Prof. who invented this fake egg. Kavya Dashora said that they are similar to fake eggs, protein rich foods like eggs, fish and chicken. It has been invented with the aim of eliminating malnutrition and clean protein. It is a protein-rich food for vegetarian people.

Mock egg has been developed in the field in a very simple way. It is the king of protein like real eggs. Not only this, it is also egg-like in appearance and taste.

Miracle of scientists of IIT Delhi

Let me tell you that apart from eggs, scientists from IIT Delhi have also developed analogue of meat for chicken. Fish products have been tested from plant sources using fruits and vegetables. In fact, IIT scientists are very active in preparing healthy food for vegetarian people.





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