India not heading for stagflation or recession: FM to Parliament


New Delhi: The macroeconomic the bottoms / the Indian economy are sound, prohibit any opportunity / a recession or stagflation, by Thu Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Monday.

Let’s answer Thu a discourse on price rise in the Look Sabha, he said the GST collection and Purchase managers Index (PMI) are pointing that the Indian economy Is get more solid.

Recipient reach the second highest picture / Rs 1.49 trillion in July, the GST collection increased author 28%.

In April 2022, the GST, which was prescribed in July 2017, achieved a record high / Rs 1.68 trillion.

Since the initial / the Goods and Services Tax, This Is the fifth consecutive month that the GST collection is exceeded Rs 1.4 trillion, and it is made so six you drive total.

He added that when compared to Thu other nations, the banking area in the nation Is also solid.

He added that the government indebted Thu GDP ratio was decreased Thu 56.29 percent in FY22, and that putrid non-perform property at scheduled commercial banks was casualty Thu a six years low / 5.9 percent.

The minister stated that efforts are being made Thu lower resale inflation below 7%.

The of the government Activities own caused by a significant repair in something to eat oil tariff, he continued.

congress membership left the House after hearing the Finance ministerial answer Thu the price increase.

Earlier on Monday, opposition legislators in the Look Sabha accused the Led by BJP key government / regardless the difficulties / usual citizens and accused its politics for the price increase, Warning that if corrective activities Is No assumed, kitchens could soon “experience a sheltering in.”

congressman Manish Tewari started a conversation on the price increase author claiming that the of the government politics own negatively affected 25 crore homes nationwide and increased the hole between the rich and the bad.

He argued that the union of the government bad politics was destroyed the five economic the pillars / savings, investment, departure, consumption, and employment.

“During the UPA regime, 27 million people were brought above the poverty line. Then in a report released in 2021, it was learned that as many as 23 million people are again below the poverty line,” he said.

The COVID-19 pandemic would be own attended Thu the current economic disaster, but the of the government move Thu to demonetize Eminence notes on November 8, 2016, he claimed was already started Thu weaken the of the nation economy.

To follow the entry prohibit, the government implemented the GST, which influence at least 230,000 small for companies.

“This note ban and GST affected not only medium and small scale industries but also employment,” he said.

Cackling Ghosh Dastidar, a member / the Trinamool congress, argued that the Center was No taking any activities Thu address the price increase and argued that the continuous is increasing in LPG tariff was made it out for the bad Thu prepare board.

Will do the government represent for the consumption / raw vegetables?

The membership I looked cheerful like Dastidar spoke Meanwhile holding up a brinjal he was brought with his and biting in it.

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