India pulls up Pakistan at UNHRC, demands credible action against terrorism


India has exposed Pakistan’s hypocrisy and extremely poor human rights record at UNHRC.

Geneva: After Imran Khan’s humiliation at the UNGA last week, India has secured another diplomatic victory over Pakistan.

India on Monday asked Pakistan to take credible and irreversible steps to end state-sponsored terrorism and dismantle terrorist infrastructure in all areas under its control.

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India’s statement came in response to Pakistan’s comments while exercising its right of reply at the 48th session of the Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

India’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, Geneva, hit out at Pakistan and said, “This is yet another attempt by Pakistan to make baseless and fabricated allegations against India, to divert the attention of the Council from its failure to guarantee basic human rights.” the rights and fundamental freedoms of the people living in its territories and the Indian territories under its occupation.”

“The Council has observed frequent and irrelevant statements by Pakistani representatives during debates under various agenda items, which only shows their desperation and paranoid state of mind. The entire region of Jammu and Kashmir, including the areas under Pakistan occupied Pakistan, is and will continue to be an integral part of India, instead of wasting the council’s time, should focus its attention on the grave human rights situation in Pakistan,” read India’s statement. Statement in the United Nations.

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“It is ironic that a radical and failed state like Pakistan, regardless of the values ​​and culture of democracy, dares to propagate the largest and most vibrant democracy like India,” the statement said.

It added that forced disappearances, extrajudicial killings and arbitrary detention of those who try to speak out against the establishment carried out by state security agencies are rampant in Pakistan.

“Last week, speaking at the Committee on Forced Disappearances, Amina Masood shared the grief and pain inflicted on her and many other families by Pakistani authorities. It’s been 16 years, she’s still searching for her husband. Which was picked up by the police. Pakistan Army in 2005,” read the statement.

Pakistan has consistently maintained its position as the world’s epicenter of terrorism and a major exporter of terror and violence.

“Pakistan is a country whose former presidents and prime ministers have openly acknowledged the support and inter-operability relationship between Pakistan’s state machine and terrorist organizations banned by the United Nations,” the statement said.

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Earlier, India in its virtual speech to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) had slammed Pakistan Prime Minister in its right to respond to Imran Khan with reference to Kashmir and said that Islamabad is actively supporting terrorists. has an established history.

First published:September 28, 2021, 2:14 pm

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