India rescues Pakistani student trapped in Ukraine

Kyiv (Ukraine): A Pakistani student trapped in a war-torn country was rescued by Indian authorities amid escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

According to sources, Pakistan’s Asma Shafiq, who was rescued by the Indian authorities, is now on her way to western Ukraine to be evacuated from the country. Sources said that she will be reunited with her family soon.

After Indian authorities rescued him, Shafiq expressed his gratitude for the support of the Indian Embassy in Kyiv and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“I would like to thank the Indian Embassy in Kyiv for supporting us here in every way as we were caught in a very difficult situation and I would also like to thank the Prime Minister of India. I hope that we Indian Will reach home safely because of the embassy,” she said.

This is not the first time that a foreign national has been rescued by India. Earlier, India had evacuated a Bangladeshi national, according to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), which later also informed that a Nepalese national would be on board an Indian flight under Operation Ganga.

Roshan Jha, the first Nepalese national to be deported from Ukraine by Indian authorities, also expressed his gratitude to the Indian government for his support, The Kathmandu Post reported.

Later, the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu had informed that seven more Nepalese were being evacuated from Poland by the Indian government.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of External Affairs said on Tuesday that it has evacuated all Indian students from Sumy in Ukraine.

So far, about 18 thousand Indians have been brought back by special flights under ‘Operation Ganga’ to rescue Indian citizens from neighboring countries of Ukraine.

A press release of the Ministry of Civil Aviation said that 410 Indians were brought back on Tuesday by two special civilian flights from Suseva by special civilian flights from neighboring countries of Ukraine.

Along with this, about 18,000 Indians have been brought back through special flights starting from February 22, 2022.

First published:March 9, 2022 at 9:45 am

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