India wins 10 wickets


Harare: India won its first international match against Zimbabwe by roaring 10 wickets after the tournaments of Shekhar Dhawan and Shubhman Gill. India capped the hosts with 189 points and then the Indian Openers took the matter into their own hands, and they scored a big win on their side.

Dhawan broke 81 passes from 113 balls while Jill had 82 passes from 72 balls. India successfully completed the 190-round chase in 31 rounds.

Earlier, India won the lottery and chose to play first to create dominance in the game. India led by KL Rahul started the ODI series with three matches with a landslide victory.

Deepak Chahar, Prased Krishna and Aksar Patel each clicked three small points each to take out the opponent by 40.3 overages.

Captain Regis Chakapva remained with the highest number of goals in 35 runs, followed by Richard Ngarava (34) and Brad Evans (33).

The Indian side created pressure from the start and grabbed 4 wickets with an 11th start. Zimbabwe’s Innocent Kaya and Te Marumani opened back for 4 and 8 runs, respectively.

Shawn Williams only followed them for one round and Madevir became Shahar’s third victim after 10.1 overages. Reda went for 12 times for 17th and Ryan Pearl for 11 rounds.

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