Covid-19 update: Even today, there is some good news for India in terms of the global coronavirus pandemic. The Corona crisis in the country has greatly subsided. Corona Village has been witnessing a steady decline over the past few days. However, a new case of corona infection was reported in the country today, compared to the previous day, Tuesday. Nearly 500 new cases have been reported in the country to date.

501 new cases of corona were reported in the country during the past 24 hours. While two people were killed. 474 new coronavirus cases were reported in the country earlier on Monday. While one person died. Compared to yesterday, the daily number of new infected people increased by 27.

According to data released this morning from the Ministry of Health, 501 new cases of coronavirus were reported in the country in the past 24 hours, with two deaths. During this time, 856 people have been able to defeat the coronavirus. As a result, the number of active coronavirus cases in the country decreased to 7 thousand 561. There was a decrease of 357 in the number of active cases in the last 24 hours.

As a result, the total number of people infected with corona in the country has risen to 4 lakh 46 thousand 66 thousand 676. A total of 5 lakh 30 thousand 535 people have died in the country as a result of infection with the corona virus.

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Health, the number of people recovering from corona is steadily increasing. The country’s recovery rate is now at 98.79 percent. Meanwhile, active cases account for 0.02 percent of the total infection. The active case rate is 0.2%, and the fatality rate is 1.19%.

According to the Ministry of Health, the nationwide vaccination campaign has resulted in 219.82 crore doses of anti-Covid-19 vaccines being administered.


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