India’s first vegetarian meat was exported to the US from Gujarat


New Delhi: The Center through its major export promotion authority – APEDA – has facilitated the export of the first shipment of plant-based meat products under the plant-based food category from Nadiad in Gujarat to California, United States.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry said in a statement on Thursday that the shipment consisted of small samosas, hot and spicy slices, momo, spring rolls, nuggets and grilled pie, among other products.

APEDA Chairman, Dr. M Angamuthu said the authority is working towards promoting plant-based meat products in a big way without disturbing the traditional animal meat export market.

The ministry said APEDA planned to promote a variety of plant-based food products, including waffles, snacks, cheese and others, to the countries of Australia, Israel, New Zealand and others in the coming months.

With the growing popularity of plant food products in developed countries, plant food products have huge export potential in the international market due to the high nutritional value of plant food products.

Being rich in fiber and lower in cholesterol, plant-based food products have become alternative food products all over the world.

The ministry said that APEDA is helping to upgrade and enhance recognized laboratories for export testing and waste control plans, adding that the authority is also providing assistance under financial assistance plans for infrastructure development, quality improvement and market development to boost the export of agricultural products.

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