Influencer mixes chilli flakes with gloss, applies on lips


Viral: A video of an Instagram influencer is going viral on social media, showing her mixing glitter and chili flakes and applying them to her lips.

The video was uploaded with the caption: “Viral Chili lip gloss. Never.”

In a video, you can see her mixing a beauty palette with lip gloss. Next, she applied the Chili Flake Lip Gloss. After a while, she removed the gloss, leaving a reddish tint on her lips. Now the influencer has shared the video and said he will no longer be using it.

Netizens’ reaction

One user wrote: “Please don’t let this become a trend.” Another user wrote: “I really like that you didn’t waste the whole lip gloss by putting chili flakes in the container, but put a small amount on the pallet REAL INFLUENCERS WHO KNOW THE VALUE OF THE PRODUCTS.” A third person wrote: “Domino’s se churaya hua chili flakes.”

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