iPhone 13 or iPhone 12? Know which one should be your choice


Should I buy the iPhone 13 or choose the one year old iPhone 12 instead? That’s probably the question that’s on the minds of most consumers who own older iPhones right now. There are definitely two kinds of people – one, who are clueless about upgrading their old iPhone to the iPhone 13, and two, who are still undecided and figuring out what to do between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 12. Which is the better deal. Them. Let’s try to help you make a better decision. Also read- iPhone 13 first look: Bigger cameras, glossy finish

iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12: Differences

The iPhone 13 is a worthwhile upgrade over the iPhone 12. If not major, Apple brings some nifty changes like bigger battery, refined camera performance, smaller notch (not as small as we expected), powerful processor, more storage for the base model, and camera module compared to the predecessor. Slight change in design as well. Also read- iPhone 13 series now ready to go on sale in India: Check prices, offers and more

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With those subtle design changes, the iPhone 13 looks cleaner than its predecessor. Apple cuts down on that wide notch in the new iPhone and gives the camera module a slight redesign. Overall, the iPhone 13 certainly looks more classy than last year’s iPhone 12.

Both the iPhone models offer the same 6.1-inch screen size with a resolution of 2778 x 1284 pixels and a 12-megapixel TrueDepth selfie shooter, which sits right inside the smaller notch. In most other departments, the iPhone 13 looks like a slightly upgraded version than the predecessor.

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The new iPhone comes with Apple’s latest A15 Bionic chipset paired with 128GB of storage, which goes up to 512GB. The iPhone 12, on the other hand, comes with the A14 Bionic chip, starting with 64GB of storage. It’s good to see that Apple finally gets rid of the 64GB model.

The A15 Bionic is certainly a better and better chip than the predecessor, but then the A14 is no less powerful. When we tested the iPhone 12 last year, it provided a smooth experience without any lag or stutter, and it was able to handle multitasking and gaming sessions very well. Read our iPhone 12 review here. We’ll be able to talk more about the performance of the iPhone 13 and how much better it has gotten in real life once we get the device up for review.

Aside from the performance bit, the camera and battery departments get refined as well. In terms of specifications, the iPhone 13 offers a 12-megapixel main sensor with /1.6 and a 12-megapixel ultrawide lens with /2.4. In comparison, the iPhone 12 includes a 12-megapixel primary lens and a 16-megapixel ultrawide angle lens.

The Cupertino tech giant claims that the camera performance of the iPhone 13 has been optimized for both daylight as well as low light and this is mainly due to the larger sensor. In fact, the iPhone 13 is said to offer the largest sensor ever in a dual-camera iPhone. It brings several new camera modes like – Portrait Selfie Mode, Cinematic Mode, and Shift Optical Image Stabilization feature comes from the iPhone 12 Pro model.

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There has been a lot of improvement in the battery department as well. While Apple hasn’t officially revealed the battery capacity of its iPhones, the teardown shows the iPhone 13 packs a 3227mAh battery, which is much bigger than the 2815mAh battery in the iPhone 12. The new iPhone is said to last around 2-3 hours longer. iPhone, which should be a big deal for iPhone lovers, as unsatisfactory battery life has always been a problem with iPhones.

The iPhone 13 also brings iOS 15 out-of-the-box along with some useful features such as focus mode, notification redesign, share play, FaceTime group calls and more. Apple has already rolled out iOS 15 to all eligible models, including the iPhone 12. Hence, you may not see much difference in terms of user interface.

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12? which should be your choice

The iPhone 13 is a pretty decent upgrade compared to the iPhone 12. So, people who don’t have budget constraints and spend more than Rs 80,000 on their phones should definitely go for the iPhone 13. However, if you have a limited budget, the iPhone 12 makes for quite a good deal. In fact, the deal has gotten even better with the recent price drop.

Soon after the iPhone 13 launch event ended earlier this month, Apple slashed the prices of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini by up to Rs 14,000. Currently, the retail price of the iPhone 12 starts at Rs 65,900 for the 64GB internal storage variant. The 128GB and 256GB storage variants now come at a price of Rs 70,900 and Rs 80,900 respectively.

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Third-party e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart are offering additional bank discounts on the iPhone 12, which is a much better deal. You can get the iPhone 12 for a much lower price than your old iPhone.

In comparison, the iPhone 13 starts at Rs 79,900 for 128GB storage, while 256GB and 512GB come at a price of Rs 89,900 and Rs 1,09,900 respectively. In fact, you would be surprised to know that the iPhone 13 series is the most expensive in India and that is because they are imported devices, and the Indian government imposes high duties on them. However, there is a trade-in or exchange option available for the iPhone 13 as well, which should help bring down the price a bit.

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