iPhone music recognizer can now sync history with Shazam app


Your iPhone can do things you might not know. For example, it can recognize any music playing around you without you needing to open an app. A Control Center option enables this feature. It’s called Music Recognition and is powered by Shazam, the Apple-owned music discovery app. Apple is improving this feature now. The music recognition feature can now sync with the latest Shazam app, as well as Apple devices signed in to the same ID. Also Read – Shazam Gives 5 Months Apple Music Subscription For Free: How To Get It

According to MacRumors, any iPhone running iOS 15 will now show you any song you’ve searched for using the Shazam app or the music recognition tool in Control Center. The music recognition feature was brought into the iPhone ecosystem as part of iOS 14.2 in 2020, three years after Apple acquired Shazam. The integration was so seamless that it didn’t require the user to download the Shazam app, while using its search engine to identify a song. Also Read – Watch: The Batman, The Flash, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League teaser released

But even though the Shazam app and the music recognition feature allowed users to do one and the same thing, they weren’t transparent when it came to data syncing. The latest push, however, fixes that problem. If you now ask Siri or use the music recognition feature in control center to find a song, you’ll be able to store it in the Shazam app, if it’s available on your iPhone, just so you can access the app at any time later. and view or archive it. Also Read – Shazam Offers Up to 5 Months Free Apple Music Subscription

There is another nifty trick you can now do after the new update. Press and hold the music recognition tool in the control center to view your full song search history. This includes both searches performed using the music recognition tool and the Shazam app. History is also synced between all your Apple devices, as long as they are all signed in to the same Apple ID.

I use Shazam a lot because I’m always curious what that tune was playing at the bar. Previously, while I could find the melody I was looking for in the music recognition tool log, the Shazam app wouldn’t sync it. But it will be much easier now. I can actually create a playlist on Shazam of the songs I searched for and it will automatically sync to my Mac and iPad.

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